Quick question: How many girl rock-bands have you ever come across in your entire being?

Starting with “the Runaways”, followed by bands like “Sleater Kinney”, you would probably not even be able to name four. Want to see and hear more?!

Plus, silence is bothering you?! Well, not anymore!

Risen from a little nowhere the small-town band “Dendron” named after the symbolic origin of existence, creates huge sounds, ready to rock stages and smash the world with its individual style and music.

To reveal the mystery of the name: “Dendron” which means “tree” is originally a word coming from the old Greek language. Now looking at the band symbol, commonly known as the “Tree Of Life”, we get an outlook of the strong bound, strength and power shared by four band members.

“Dendron” in its current state started the climb uphill in Greven, a little town in Germany, in spring 2015. The impulse came both from guitarist Yui and drummer Jayu who both also perform at the microphone. Unraveling their love for music, they decided to establish a band that, just as almost every single band before, made its first step or sounds in a garage. Deliberately looking for new members, they have finally found vocalist Ira and bassist Bina to complete the puzzle.

Combining basically everything Dendron shows huge contrast in sound. Started from heavy rock with crazy drum parts and of course complex guitar riffs followed by groovy bass lines in terms of instrumental background, the melodic voices, including rap parts, close the circle.

Slowly but steady, Dendron is working its way up proving that girls certainly can jam, too.

We break the silence!